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At Partner Re, we exist to make risk manageable for our clients, combining technical expertise and strong relationships to help fuel their success — and their peace of mind.

The Bassett Lodge and Range Cafe is the sort of place that nowadays exists only on picture postcards, a relic of a past when cattle buyers descended on small Nebraska towns like this one for booming livestock sales.

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According to a survey conducted by Harvard's Making Caring Common (MCC) project, 87% of young women reported having experienced at least one of the following during their lifetime: being catcalled (55%), touched without permission by a stranger (41%), insulted with sexualized words (such as “slut,” “bitch” and “ho”) by a man (47%), insulted with sexualized words by a woman (42%), having a stranger say something sexual to them (52%) and having a stranger tell them they were “hot” (61%).

But The Talk, Part 2 is something that happens all too rarely, according to a Harvard University study, and at the same time is something teens are looking for, even if they are sometimes reluctant to say so.And whether or not you're in a rush to settle down with one person, the oh-so-common gray area between "just friends" and "significant other" can breed about a million awkward moments.If just thinking about the possible messiness is making you seriously consider a tranquil life of romance-free solitude, hold a beat.The one sometimes farmed out to health teachers at school.The one that used to be known as The Birds and The Bees.

Hook up for sex talks free no sign up