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Are You Ready to Date Someone in a Wheel Chair This answer requires honesty.There are things you must consider that may be taken for granted during previous dates."I chose to be the girl you didn't mess with," she explains, "I was into Heavy Metal.I didn't have a lot of direction in my life, so maybe I partied too hard." In the San Fernando Valley, as in many other places, if you party too hard, you pay the price with drug and alcohol problems.This section is updated on a regular basis, so check back again for new additions to our dream interpretation archive.I dreamt of seeing a fighter jet flying in loops and waywardly in the sky as if to warn people below that something was about to happen.You must adapt to specific things that wheelchair users go through, such as phoning ahead to determine if your dating destination is wheelchair accessible. Put Yourself in His/Her Shoes What if the tables were turned? It does not diminish the potential that they just might be the unique person who becomes the love of your life.Would you want people seeing the chair instead of you? Getting to Know You Your date is a person with the same fears and aspirations which make us a human family. You may be curious to find out what led them to be in a wheelchair, but timing is everything.

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In the beginning, focus on getting to know the person. Some wheelchair user’s stories are tragic and it may be very difficult for them to discuss what happened.

Have a great time, get to know the real person, and you never know, you may have met your soul mate.

As she sits, wearing a floppy straw hat, pink T-shirt and shorts in the living room jointly claimed by her mom, boyfriend and future father in law, she talks animatedly about Baywatch, a two hour NBC-TV pilot about lifeguards that she recently finished filming.

Most fledgling actors would fret about their show's future, but not Erika.