Corey haim dating daisy love

Lots of actors turn up in celebrity sex tapes after they die, so it wouldn't be a big shock to hear that Haim had one.For now, he's absent on the list of celebs with sex tapes, but there's still time for one to surface.Victoria Beckham has been left shocked by the unexpected death of her ex-boyfriend Corey Haim, it has been claimed.Haim, who died from a suspected overdose yesterday, briefly dated the former Spice Girl in 1995.

Corey was reportedly a former boyfriend of Victoria Beckham.

“I do not have the desire to kill myself anymore, thank god. I have that wild streak in me, but I have grown out of the self-destructive behavior.” Following Corey Haim’s overdose in 2010 as reported by the .

“He had a movie coming up and he was talking about directing, I can’t believe he would of done this on purpose, it had to be an accident.” Daisy De La Hoya told the site she and Haim were getting to know each other prior to his death after being introduced by mutual friend Corey Feldman.

"This is the worst day ever I can't believe this." An unnamed source close to de la Hoya told the site that the romance between the two was new, but that it had its roots in a longtime crush.

"Daisy loved 'The Lost Boys,' and she always had a crush on Corey," the source said.