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The X-Plane simulator is designed for both realism and longevity.

Maximizing both of these requires that X-Plane be updated often.

These are treated as a kind of “update in progress”—new features and bug fixes are included, but in the beta stage, the updates have not been fully tested in a range of situations.

This means that they may create incompatibilities or create other problems that would not be experienced in the stable releases.

For more information, see the section “Using the X-Plane Betas.” Newer versions of X-Plane often contain feature enhancements, bug fixes, stability improvements, aircraft and resource updates, flight model improvements, and even new feature additions.

A purchase of X-Plane entitles you to free updates through that full X-Plane version run.

To tell which version of Dropbox you're using, simply hover your mouse over the Dropbox icon in your system tray.

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Every few months we make a new update to the simulator available.

In between these official (or “stable”) releases, users can download beta versions of the upcoming update.

You can now change the window of time in which your X1 TV Boxes will automatically reboot each day.

Learn more about how to change the daily reboot schedule for your TV Boxes.